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The kitchen has always been my happy place. But it wasn’t until I surrounded myself in the colors, smells, and tastes of the markets and foods during a week-long took cooking school in Oaxaca, Mexico that I realized how much I wanted more. With major encouragement from my husband and a big leap of faith, I finally kissed my corporate career goodbye and dove headfirst into pastry school training and more delight than I could possibly have imagined.
Nothing thrills me more than having my wedding couples tell me I nailed their design and had their guests licking their plates clean!!

Sometimes detours lead us to the right road...


I love exploring and learning about other cultures. Always dreaming of places to go, finding back alleys and markets at every turn.

& tasting


When I'm not in the kitchen, you'll find me ...


No need for an alarm clock! Every morning starts with a paw on my back (or in my face!!) ready for love and play.

I can't resist this happy face;
can you??!!

and love


This is how I start my day



I never grow tired of seeing our mountains and the colors of our sunrise and sunset sky. When I'm hunting for inspiration, all I have to do is step outside my front door!

our desert

is my home

I grew up on the East Coast but 




Long before I became a pastry chef, I decided to make our wedding cake. Declaring it had to be chocolate, my husband (the biggest junk food junkie on earth) teased me that I would make it out of Ho-Ho's and Ring Dings.
He watched me baking layer upon layer cake, but played golf the day I assembled and decorated it. I stacked the tiers, cut out a section, replaced it with Ho-Ho's and marked the spot.

Can you imagine his surprise when we cut the cake and pulled out a Ho-Ho?!!! We've been laughing ever since.

When I think about your wedding cake, I savor the joy of that moment and wish the same delight for you.

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“The cake was absolutely amazing and a huge hit with the guests!!
 The sugar flowers were absolutely perfect.
If I didn’t have a tight wedding dress on I probably would have eaten
like 3 more pieces lol." 


What couples are saying



“The cake was beautiful AND delicious.
You expertly brought to life the vision
I struggled to explain, and
it made us very happy.”


Cera & Ryan

“Our guests were raving about our cake and desserts
and how delicious they were!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful work!!"


Your wedding cake is so important. We have lots of options to explore and I promise we'll have fun along the way. Let's plan a quick call to check availability for your date and answer your questions.

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